Counter Strike Source (CSS)- War Servers

At RTL-Servers we take a lot of pride in our professional Counter Strike Source gaming servers, ensuring that consistency and reliability are at the very base of all of our products.

We have a wide range of customers, ranging from those that are new to game servers to your run of the mill game server veteran customers.

We're here to help you regardless; our control panel grants you full access to configurations, maps and demos as well as full game server FTP access.

  • High FPS Performance Servers
    We run custom modified server kernels. This coupled with our Intel quad core servers allows us to run high quality 66 Tickrate / High FPS CSS game servers.
  • Low Ping Servers
    Our game servers are powered by our UK, Kent based low latency network, you can read more about our network here
  • Full time Unbeatable Technical Assistance
    Our full time staff will be at hand if you have any problems using both email and instant messaging for superior technical support in real time!
  • AutoAdmin
    AutoAdmin is an RTL-Servers feature that keeps your CSS war server running at optimal performance by ensuring all configs, maps, addons are updated when required. You'll never have to worry if your game server is up to date, we'll ensure it is.
  • Pre-loaded for Competitive Play!
    Our Counter Strike Source War Servers are ready for competitive play as soon as you receive the welcome email. Stocked with the full range of competitive configs and maps by default, be scrimming in minutes not hours!
  • Free Voice Comms
    Included with your server is a free 20 Slot Mumble Server or 10 Slot Ventrilo / Teamspeak server, we also offer discounted Ventrilo Servers with our game server packages
  • Free Webhosting
    Receive 1 GB of web space along with 15 GB of file transfer per month for free, perfect for storing demos or maps, or even to host your clan website.
  • Free SourceTV Relay
    Free Relay Server, will allow your Counter Strike Source War Server to hold 35 spectators at any time, with the option to add more slots as and when you require them
  • Full Server FTP
    Don't be limited by web-based FTP systems, we give you the choice to use either our control panel WebFTP or your own FTP client to configure your game server to your needs.
  • Custom Control Panel
    Our bespoke RTL-GCP (RTL Game Control Panel) allows you to control every aspect of your professional CSS war server, from basic configuration changes to complete automatic mod installations. Preview and tour our unique control panel here
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  • RTL-Servers have been our clans number 1 choice. Providing 100% customer service along with finely tuned custom servers for peak performance, nothing else comes close!
    Matt0! #Simply.css
  • RTL-Servers are some of the best servers we have used, perfect reg and smooth as hell. Also the support is fast and very helpful
    Andrew 'Fierce' Cussen
  • As a technically minded person, I have what some GSP's have called unreasonable demands of the servers I purchased. RTL-Servers have always been the best setups I could ask for, and have sometimes even surpassed my demands.
  • RTL-Servers are the best provider out there, no contest.
    Kreza SW-Clan.co.uk
  • I would like to thank RTL-servers on behalf of the Pro-HL.com community for their full dedication and commitment to supplying top servers.
    Craig Treble #Pro-HL